Branding and Retail Trends for 2016 – Trend #1 8th January 2016

Knowing your consumer

Who are they? What are their motivations, interests and opinions? How are they changing? How is their world changing? Designing your brand and brand experience around the answers to these questions – will lead you to a defining a relevant product offering, adopting more or less of technology, ease of browsing and sales assistance levels.

The only way to have a meaningful dialogue with consumers is to understand them. Including addressing any of their problems and concerns expressed both online and offline. More importantly it is also about bonding with your consumers beyond the transactional to an emotional level. In today’s market wherein the consumer is spoilt for choices, there are very few differences between brands which can be easily overcome by knowing your consumers and creating a differentiating brand experience around them.

Take the case of Apple and its strap line – Think Different – which is not just a line or tag line, it permeates every aspect of Apple’s businesses – spanning procurement to product design to retail. The brand experience of Think Different is so strong that every consumer interaction with any of Apple’s products (i-phone, i-mac and the rest of the range) and with the Apple retail stores reinforces the brand core. The designs across both products and retail tend to be unique, minimalistic and totally out-of the-box. The emotional bond that consumers have with their Apple products makes them brand advocates and promoters of the brand.

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