Branding and Retail Trends for 2016 6th January 2016

With a new beginning of the year 2016, I-AM India has compiled some emerging trends within the branding and retail sectors that will help businesses build a successful brand and offer a seamless brand experience.

Branding is not just a placement of identities or of “logos” in print, online, television, OOH or any other medium. The concept of branding stems from defining the target and mining a definite insight to arrive at a brand core or brand essence. Very often businesses say they want a logo without arriving at a brand core.

A brand core, well thought through, will let you define the look, feel, colors, fonts, sound/audio to arrive at an identity. This identity then leads you to arrive at a visual language and tone of voice that is very distinctively recognizable as the face of your brand and by extension – branding of your product or services.

Watch this space for more over the next few days, starting with trend #1.