I-AM once again delivered a project that understood our vision as a business, provided the best
solutions and exceeded all our expectations.
Esra Aydın Executive Vice President

Burgan Bank is a Kuwaiti financial services group and a leading financial services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. I-AM worked with Burgan Bank to produce the branding and architecture of their new Private Banking Centre in Istanbul’s Nispetiye Street, one of the most prominent locations in the city.

Workshops were conducted to determine the new brand essence: hand-crafted banking. We then designed an iconic structure that embodies this essence and portrays the private and exclusive experience and services on offer. I-AM created a powerful, eye-catching and inspiring landmark with strong, bold and defined movements ensuring both a functional space where operational requirements could be met, and where a tailor-made and elegant customer experience could be offered. The façade designed with metal plate layers perforated with the brand emblem provides natural light to the building during the day, and highlights the structure through the lighting placed on the inner layers at night. Classical details were reinterpreted and modernised to achieve a premium visual language, and all elements from architecture to branding were designed accordingly.

The result is a striking and sleek structure that offers customers a welcoming, exclusive and unique experience.

What we did

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