Building a better in-store journey

Carphone Warehouse approached I-AM to carry out high-level strategic thinking with the goal of establishing a set of best practice guidelines for customer experience design across their retail network.

I-AM carried out a detailed audit and review of the store experience and established that a focus on simplicity, impartiality, and advice should lie at the core of the store experience. I-AM produced a set of ‘ten commandments’ revolving around inspiration, empowerment and ease. Combined with Customer Journey based analysis and concepts and creative communications design, these were then used to produce a set of guidelines on how to create a truly customer-centric retail experience at the Carphone Warehouse.

This work provided the framework, rationale and design direction for new key retail formats, the best principles of which have been adopted across the Carphone Warehouse’s network of over 1,700 stores across Europe.

What we did

Audit & Review
Store Design
Communications Concepts
Customer Experience Design