Since working with I-AM,
Chilango has achieved 100%
uplift in sales. This is unheard
of in the restaurant industry.
Dan Houghton Founding Partner, Chilango

I-AM have worked with the Chilango founders on every creative aspect of their business for the last six years. Following some early success, Erik and Dan approached I-AM to develop a new strategic brand positioning that would best express their essence, vision and newfound confidence.

I-AM created a brand name and introduced a true Latin spirit to the personality that customers could readily engage with. The Chilango name perfectly captures the essence of gritty and urban Modern Mexico and gives it a twist of urban cool. The interior concept is fast, vibrant and energising. In harmony with the new brand identity, I-AM developed the website content and visuals. Stories about meals, ingredients and where they come from were emphasised and the outcome is a colourful, joyful and user-centred website.

Vivid colour, a sense of fun and a sprinkling of Latin lust for life has proven a recipe for success; Chilango now have seven successful UK sites and were recently awarded ‘best new restaurant concept’ at the ROTI awards.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Application
Interior Design
Website Design