Changing the rules of the game for a homegrown sports brand tailor-made for the Indian consumer

D:FY, India’s first sports brand approached I-AM to create their retail store design featuring their range of footwear and apparel. The brief was to create a retail space that provided a sport experience and reflected the brand message ‘D:FY the Everyday.’

The design expressed the idea of an adrenaline rush, that burst of high energy and the raw emotion experienced by a sportsperson. The interiors use rough natural materials, textures and exposed details. Colour blocks and neon lights add a rush of high energy and a youthful and vibrant look and feel. Use of sport elements such as bleacher seats, stadium lighting, and materials found in gyms add to the overall sport experience.

The visual language of in-store signage uses graphic elements that reflect the movement associated with sport, and educate the customer on the extensive technology and development that went into the design of the products.


What we did

Customer Journey Mapping
Brand Visual Language Creation
Retail Brand Experience Design
Visual Merchandising