A ‘try before you buy’
showroom for houses

Established in 1980, Dumankaya is one of the market leaders in Turkish construction. I-AM were appointed to design a showroom for Dumankaya Ritim Istanbul, a large-scale residential construction project.

I-AM created an innovative and welcoming experience centre
that is far removed from conventional sales-focused showrooms. The entrance area was designed to make customers feel as
though they are in a cafe rather than a run-of-the-mill waiting room. Three different ‘experience rooms’ where customers can learn the specifics of the Ritim Istanbul project were created. These rooms also made use of innovative digital technology to immerse customers in the Dumankaya ‘life-style’. I-AM also created a homely and welcoming ‘decision-making’ space where customers can reflect what they have seen in the preceding experience rooms.

The result is a showroom that highlights the innovative and design-focused essence of the Dumankaya brand, one where the brand’s competitive advantages can be emphasised and experienced first-hand.

What we did

Brand Application
Interior Design
Showroom Design
Experience Design