Action, movement and dynamism guaranteed

Owned by Çelik Motor, Garenta is a newly established company that gives corporate and private car rental services to its customers. Celik Motor commissioned I-AM to design the Garenta branding.

Before starting the branding, I-AM conducted in-depth interviews with target consumers to identify the decision-making processes and common behavioural patterns involved in renting a car. Timelines were used to chart past experiences and establish ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey.

The brand’s name, generated by I-AM, makes references to the notions of ‘guarantee’, ‘trust’ and ‘being the preferred agent’ in the car rental industry. The logo designed allows for multiple application possibilities and can be positioned differently among alternative visual materials, addressing the qualities of ‘action’, ‘movement’ and ‘dynamism’ that form the company’s brand essence. In addition, when positioned diagonally, the logo takes the form of a seatbelt, making reference to safety, a key factor in the success of car rental companies.

The branding designed for Garenta is being applied across all Garenta branches in Turkey.

What we did

Name Generation
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Application