Founded in 1901 Hansgrohe is a world leading premium sanitary fixture brand based out of the Black Forest in Germany. The company has two brands – Hansgrohe, a premium brand which celebrates the beauty of water and Axor, the award-winning designer-led brand wherein form follows perfection. Hansgrohe India, in their first ever exhibition chose I-AM to partner them in bringing alive the brand at the ACETech Expo 2019.

The heart of this project wasn’t just to display their products but to awe the influential architects and designers by creating an immersive experience at the expo. Today, design and technology truly plays a pivotal role in brand voice and expression.

I-AM had to transform a 1600 sq.ft double height exhibition space into an interactive one using technology as a key driver.The core element of Hansgrohe’s engineering is the products revolving around one of the basic elements of nature,water. TheI-AM team leveraged water to develop an innovative concept to showcase the hero products of Hansgrohe and Axor in their respective demarcated zones within the stall.

The two zones had their own languages, with Hansgrohe having a minimal, white and pristine space. We created a massive luminous space above the Hansgrohe display area where one could see, feel and hear water; the ripples, sound and environment helped accomplish this. An interactive infinity shower was set up for an all out experience of the hero product along with the reactive led screen under the feet; heightening the physical and virtual experience.

The Axor zone was distinguished with premium black, dark reflective space encased with tinted material interspersed with streaks of brass. The hero product, Shower Heaven was displayed in a glass cubicle which was also a live expression of the product.

The fulcrum of the both zones was also to bring the target audience to a social space where they could interact and discuss ideas with the Hansgrohe team.We designed an interactive ripple bar where the LED surface reacted to gestures within the zone. The space also became an area for the two zones to assemble and engage.

We designed the space graphics within the exhibition lounge to celebrate the history and aesthetics of the brand. The graphic language was derived from the transparency and clarity of water. The visuals consisted of clean and minimal elements that made the space interesting and attractive. We included interactive ripple projections to blend the graphics into the space.

The I-AM team elevated the products through live expressions and created a wholesome experience, which became the talk of the town.

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