KFC Restaurant Communications (Cross Hands)

I-AM designed a suite of bespoke communications within the UK’s latest new concept KFC restaurant, designed as a complete Customer Journey upgrade and opened in Cross Hands, Wales in late 2015, to an enthusiastic reception from staff and customers.

The brief from KFC was to design communications that dialled up the message of freshly prepared food within their restaurants and made heroes of the staff working there.

I-AM directed a food typographer and used flour as the medium to communicate the message of freshly prepared food, a reflective nod to the process that happens in every KFC kitchen – the secret 11 herbs & spices coating being the unique attribute beloved by customers. Combining form and function, the poster series effectively celebrates KFC’s food and a way of life. No photo-editing software was used to create the final images.

For the staff portraits, I-AM directed the shoot. They are informal and promote KFC as a fun company to work for. It was important that staff said what they meant, and the typography further emphasizes the link between the person and their comment.

I-AM also advised on tone of voice for the communications, achieving posters that are upbeat, emphasise the brand values of promoting the ‘real you’ and ‘best self’ within a style that is irreverent and joyful.

KFC UK Restaurant Experience (Cross Hands)

I-AM worked with KFC on upgrades to their experience as part of a project to ensure the brand stays compelling, relevant and expresses its points of difference in a fast-evolving food and beverage retail scene. Our experience in the sphere of ‘Fast Casual’ food service came together with innovations by KFC in servery processes, resulting in a space that communicates the core positioning of ‘Always Original’, realness and a passion for great, freshly prepared food that brings people together.

The focus areas were:

  • Servery counter: ensuring customers intuitively understood the ‘select’ and ‘collect’ process, at the same time as being triggered to appreciate and order the developing hot drinks, breakfast and sweet treats offer. This brought together communications, physical layout and materials.
  • Dining zones: introducing more variety of seating options and multi-sensory ambience, making customers feel more at home whilst creating a sense of gathering
  • Suite of communications: expressing the sense of coming together and sharing, visualising freshness and freshly prepared, and communicating key community and sustainability points of difference

The resulting design palette positions KFC as a meeting point between fast food and fast casual experiential dining, embracing a broad spectrum of consumers and meaning that KFC sets a new standard by bringing to life its core values as a spatial experience.

What we did

Brand strategy
Interior design
Customer Journey Mapping
Brand communications – Creative Development & Application
Photoshoot Art Direction
Brand application