Birla Home Furnishing has been in the market for a few years and retails in domestic and international markets. Its erstwhile international markets included USA, the Middle East and Australia. With a view to becoming a B2C brand and expanding its global footprint, a rebranding exercise was considered necessary.

Sutlej Textiles put their trust in I-AM to carry out this crucial rebranding exercise. The change from a B2B to a B2C brand necessitated an understanding of consumer preferences and buying behaviour. I-AM interviewed stakeholders including senior staff, consumers and distributors. We also analysed market trends and studied competitive offerings. This was followed by a workshop with the home decor team to define the brand positioning.

What emerged from the research and workshop was the fact that consumers are seeking change and are more knowledgeable today. The insight we arrived at was that in today’s hectic fast-paced urban lifestyle we are losing touch with nature and we tend to gravitate towards bringing nature back into our lives. This led us to arrive at our brand promise of product designs and fabrics being inspired by nature. In short, we aim to bring the Outdoors Indoor.

We arrived at the name “Nesterra” after a rigorous exercise. The name is a portmanteau of “nest” cueing home/abode and “terra” symbolising earth. This name was also tested amongst consumers who gravitated towards this name.

The identity is inspired from the geometries found in nature – such as the negative space between trees in forests, branches and stems coming together to form a nest, and the veins of a leaf. The logo was created by simplifying the forms of stacked trees, stems, branches into a contemporary and bold mark forming the letter ‘N’, accompanied by a condensed typeface which makes the brand look more established.

The entire idea of the visual language was to make it flexible in terms of usage and application while still being ownable to the brand. It constitutes of designs and patterns that come together to represent ‘Naturally Limitless’ which was the essence of the brand, inspired from the endless stories, colours, forms and texture found in nature.

The colour palette was a combination of Emerald, Jade, Old Rose Pink and Gold to indicate freshness and premiumness. The imagery for the brand was put together in a way that it always cues to the natural part of the brand. The brandmark is also used to create a graphic device that is used as a background for collateral and as a grid for content placement.

I-AM also extended the same visual language into a real life experience for the Nesterra workspace.


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