I-AM was able to take our vision and create a story and an intimate experience. It is a unique restaurant within the market and our customers have been loving it.
Ishan Yadav Director, ICS Foods
Our client approached I-AM with a plan to start a new French bistro in Delhi with authentic hearty French food in a comfortable intimate space. They wished to reflect the nostalgia of travels to France, or the dream to visit one day. After conducting a naming exercise, the final name selected was Reve which means ‘dream’ in French.
An identity was designed which was inspired from the wrought iron balconies in France, often found integrated with modern architecture as well. The identity forms a unicorn, a legendary creature that is associated with wish fulfilment, and reflects imagination, dreaminess, and grace. The brand colour was inspired from the oxidised copper domes often found in classical architecture in Europe.
The objective of the space design was to take one back to travel memories and special moments shared and experienced in France, while maintaining a contemporary relevance. The idea was to immerse the customer in a space that feels like a friend’s living room in an old French quarter, filled with stories and memories collected while travelling. The nostalgic clear globe dim lights add romanticism to the interiors and beautifully highlight simple unfinished textures and patterns, creating an intimate dining experience.
Arches have always been a very integral structural/architectural element in French architecture, in buildings and facades. The main dining space is divided in to two areas using a roughly textured semi circular arched wall which makes the space intimate. Planters with creepers make the space warm. The space is then finished with large beautiful watercolour sketch painted on the wall, with a note of a travel memory.


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