Leading apparel manufacturer and retailer Arvind Limited, assigned I-AM the creation of a multi brand footwear outlet with an international range of male-skewed footwear offerings. The brands would comprise globally recognized names including Johnston & Murphy, Cole Haan, Flying Machine, Heatwave, Arrow, Bugatti and USPA. The challenge was how to position the MBO and let it have its distinct identity while allowing the global footwear brands to speak for themselves.

With an evolving and globally aware audience, the current offerings were staid and chaotic. Therein lay the opportunity to position this new brand. I-AM brainstormed the brand name – STRIDE – epitomising confidence, energy and control over one’s surrounding.

The brand identity we developed is contemporary, light-hearted, and portrayed progressiveness with a strong visual story line – the evolution of man paralleling the evolution of today’s confident Indian male. The brand colours – deep blue and brick red with the contrast of grey, cued sophistication and a boldness that could straddle the wide range of offerings within the store. The execution of the visual language involved experimenting with the raw materials selected for the interiors of the store, embedding and engraving characters within the materials to build a dynamic visual story and messaging as the customer moves through the store.

STRIDE store’s look & feel is rough around the edges and modern, highlighting the functional aspects of materials, living up the International standards of the brands they house. The distinctive brand experience involved creating an inclusive and inviting zone at the forefront and more exclusive zones towards the rear.

STRIDE launched its first outlet in Garuda Mall, Bangalore in September 2016.

What we did

Brand Nomenclature
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Customer Journey Mapping
Store Design
Brand Experience (Space)
Visual Language