Increasing access to
debt factoring in Turkey

Tam Faktoring is a financial solutions factoring company with branches all across Turkey. I-AM were commissioned to design their branding and branch interiors.

The aim was to design a factoring experience unlike any other. When creating the brand identity, I-AM focussed on Tam’s customer-centric brand values that revolve around professional, secure and innovative factoring. From A-Z, all branding elements were created by I-AM. A warm contemporary interior concept that makes customers feel welcome and assured was created. A simple infographic language, supported by the detailing in the space was constructed in order to provide customers who are not familiar with factoring with clear direction within the branches.

The result is a professional yet welcoming branch experience
that helps form close relationships with customers and increases the accessibility of the factoring industry in Turkey.

I-AM’s concept continues to be applied to Tam Faktoring branches across the country.

What we did

Brand Identity
Brand Mark
Brand Application
Branch Design