I-AM's demonstrated a unique approach, processes, tools and strategic thinking on the brand which I am confident will make an impact in the market
Rajiv Mehta CEO, Arvind True Blue Ltd.

Leading apparel manufacturer and retailer Arvind Limited, assigned its integrated branding mandate to I-AM to launch a brand destined to make its stamp globally.

There is a resurgence of pride of heritage/association with the Indian culture and ethos with India and its populace making a mark for themselves on the world stage, Arvind Limited saw potential in this opportunity to develop a premium men’s wear apparel and accessories brand called ‘True Blue’.

I-AM team carried out extensive audit of the competitors and looked into best-in-class examples across categories along with conducting a research on the target audience and their preferences.This culminated in a workshop wherein the brand True Blue was born and defined as a Western/Modern fashion brand with an Indian twist. I-AM developed the positioning around True Blue defining fashion that is sophisticated and western with an Indianness that inspires pride. The brand personality revolves around the principles of being a Leader; Visionary; Extrovert/ Social; Confident; Experienced; and Warm. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who epitomises the brand’s personality was chosen as the brand ambassador.

The Visual Language and the Look & Feel for True Blue is Contemporary; Sophisticated; Artistic/ Crafted; Warm; Detailed; Discovery; with an Indian Ethos. I-AM created the brand identity for True Blue, besides being responsible for creating the instore visual language and leveraging the customer  journey to design the offline True Blue store.

True Blue launched it’s two outlets in High Street Pheonix Mall, Mumbai on 28th of May 2016 and in Brigade Road, Bangalore on 31st May 2016. The brand plans to launch around 25 – 30 stores across India in the next five years.

What we did

Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Customer Journey Mapping
Store Design across various formats
Brand Experience (Space)
Visual Language
Launch Roll-Out