Retail Trend Series – Attentive Assistance 13th August 2019

As concierge services become less the domain of the super-rich and more and more accessible to consumers of different income levels, retailers are cashing in by helping customers with the many facets of their busy lives. In the following blog we talk about ‘Attentive Assistance’ as part of our Retail Trends Series.

Here are some examples of brands that have created a unique shopping experience using the theory of ‘Attentive Assistance’.


John Lewis, London, UK

Among its already existing twenty one services ranging from travel advice, free technology workshops to its express Nail & Brow bar, department store John Lewis has launched a new concierge-style shopping experience with their Experience Desk. Customers can go for a ‘concierge-style’ service to help them plan their day or request a “hotel-tour” around the store. Service partners will be able to inform on store offers as well as make booking for in-store events, styling sessions, home design appointments and reserve a table at the Scandinavian rooftop restaurant KuPP.


Net-A-Porter, London, UK

Net-A-Porter has announced the release of an artificial intelligence, which has the capabilities to pick clothing for customers based on their upcoming plans. Specifically, the items are chosen because to fit the customer’s tastes, data-informed preferences and specifically suiting the location, activities and the type of trip. Plans are to use the AI tech to assist customers through their product search and when the shopper’s questions and preferences begin to be detailed and specific will switch to a human personal shopper.


Walmart, New York, USA

Walmart’s subsidiary Code Eight is testing a personal shopping service that consists of sending personal product recommendations via SMS. Members of the service can also order and purchase products by texting an image of it, or message a general written request and the service will select a product accordingly. Every suggestion is curated based on style, price sensitivity, and other recorded preferences upon joining. Code Eight’s long term aim is to become a trusted personalized shopper accompanying high net worth urban consumers.

70% of the people would prefer a store with staff to a store without. Brands are now trying to find ways to extend service pre, during and post-purchase to keep the brand relationship on a continuum, and rethink your customer relationships as a long-game—not a short one.