Retail Trend Series – Holistic Exchange 13th August 2019

How can you rethink the value exchange?

In today’s blog series we talk about how retailers are playing with the concept of value and changing the conversation around transactions to engage consumers in more holistic ways.


Cadbury London, UK

Chocolate brand Cadbury turned a former clothing shop in Soho into a pop-up newsagent. The concept supported its latest ad campaign, in which a young girl pays for a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk with trinkets found in her bag. The Glass and a Half shop (referring to the amount of milk found in each bar of chocolate), allowed customers to get a chocolate bar in exchange of some kind of trinket, rethinking the value exchange into a more holistic one.


Data Dollar Store, Kaspersky Lab, London, UK

Cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab created a pop up inspired by the notion that the data trail we leave when browsing the Internet has value. To emphasise this point, the company unveiled the Data Dollar Store, where it sold exclusive t-Shirts, mugs and other merchandise designed by Ben Eine. However, the catch was that to acquire a product, customers had to hand over personal data, such as three photos, or screenshots of their WhatsApp, SMS and email conversations to Kaspersky.


Square Payments Showroom, UK

Card payments service Square opened its first showroom in Great Western Arcade in the West Midlands to showcase how its products and services help small businesses. Through appointments, free events and masterclasses, Square is developing its relationship with its independent sellers and small and local businesses through the holistic exchange of its transaction service.

Whether through data, trinkets or just conversation, playing with value can help create more transparent and open conversations with your customers.