ATM Kiosk Design

A clear format strategy is a key part of any bank’s retail strategy. The most ubiquitous instance of such formats is a kiosk or remote ATM. Rather than being purely functional places to transact, these touch-points can become distinct brand landmarks that build awareness and help a bank to stand out from the pack. Ideally, any remote ATM strategy should include a visual identity that corresponds to larger branch formats so that brand awareness is increased within a defined area.

ATM kiosks can be designed to cater to many customer needs, both transactional, and advice based. A typical a range of options would include:


  1. Basic ATM for deposits and withdrawals (free-standing, kiosk and wall-mounted)
  2. Full functionality ATM (free-standing, kiosk and wall-mounted)
  3. ATM plus Remote Advice (free-standing kiosk)
  4. Free-standing ATM kiosk with video teller
  5. Free-standing ATM kiosk with additional peak-time staffing model for advice
  6. A pop-up ATM and advice kiosk for temporary deployment and market testing


Adopting a modular approach facilitates rapid expansion and future flexibility as technology and customer needs evolve.

At I-AM, we have designed ATM kiosks for our global banking clients. As part of our 10-year relationship with Garanti Bank, we have generated a similar modular approach that has now been implemented throughout Turkey.

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