Real Estate Sales Lounge

Your sales lounge represents one of the first chances you’ll get to make an impression on your potential customers. They’re entering your domain with a view to making a substantial investment and a life-changing decision. Needless to say, the impression you make at this moment is critical. A Portakabin by a construction site is just not the right message to send…

At I-AM we are experts in marrying your brand with the needs and wishes of your customers. We start off by conducting workshops with you to pinpoint the essence of your offer: What’s the impression you want to make on your customers? How do you want to make them feel? What’s the personality of your brand? What are the benefits of living in one of your properties? What is the neighbourhood like?

We also engage in a detailed understanding of what your potential customers are looking for: What will get their attention? What information do they need to know? How do they want to access that information? What will make them feel comfortable? What will make them trust you?

Armed with this information we can either create a new brand for you or breathe new life into your existing offer. Or we are just as happy working with a brand that you already know you want to use.

We then apply the brand to the physical space to set the exact mood that you’re looking to create. We go through the customer journey on behalf of your future customers and ‘storyboard’ each stage of the journey so that it works perfectly both from their perspective and that of your business. This will combine the right balance of digital and physical communication and sophisticated design. The need for private advice and conversation is similarly respected.

The result is a compelling and engaging customer experience that inspires confidence and excitement among your customers – thereby making them far more likely to buy.

What we do

Brand refresh
Customer journey strategy
Interior design
Digital communications

Create an environment that will inspire confidence and excitement among your customers.