Restaurant Branding

The word ‘brand’ is a priority for larger restaurant groups, while it’s often shunned as ‘consultant-speak’ by independent enterprises. They prefer terms such as ‘personality’ and ‘identity’. At I-AM, we stand proudly on both sides of the fence, but our own interpretation is that your brand is simply the impression your customers take away from the experience you’ve given them. When put in that context, surely everyone needs a good one?

We look to work with our clients to define who you are, what you do, how you do it, why that matters and how you’re different. We assess your market conditions: target customers, competitors and business opportunities. And we help you pinpoint your personality and how to convey it to your customers. All of this is distilled into what we call your ‘brand essence’ (consultant-speak for the impression you want your customer to have of you…).

Our creative teams convey this ‘essence’ through compelling visual language that can be applied to all areas where customers encounter your company – from the physical environment of your restaurant, to your packaging, your staff’s attire and demeanour, your website and social media.

Our aim is to give you a truly holistic branded experience. The importance of a positive dining experience is obvious to every restaurateur. Making that experience a branded experience means that you will be easier to remember and easier to recommend. Surely those are two words that everyone can agree on?

What we do

Brand positioning
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand refresh
Menu design
Websites and apps

The strength and relevance of your brand will determine how easy you are to remember and to recommend.