Restaurant Design

The success of a restaurant is not solely gauged by the quality of the food on offer – but by the entirety of the experience. At I-AM, we are experts at creating the perfect experience for your brand. As a result, we design restaurants that are not just more memorable for your customers but easier for them to recommend.

Whether you’re a global brand, a start-up or an independent restaurant, the right use of design will evoke an emotional bond that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Our team of architects and interior designers are experts in the latest restaurant trends, and we know how to channel this knowledge into our work while preserving your unique brand essence. We are regularly setting new benchmarks within the industry through the breadth of restaurant concepts that we design, and the quality of our work.

When creating a holistic customer experience it’s imperative that every contact your customers have with your offer evokes the same impression and retains the same standard – whether it’s the food, the staff, the colour of the walls, the furniture, your website or the sign on the door. I-AM’s customer journey methodology ensures that every aspect of customer experience is given equal consideration. And we design accordingly.

Our clients range from fast-casual to high-end, premium restaurants. We work collaboratively with them to storyboard the perfect encounter between customer and space. Our objective is to marry the experience you want to offer your customers with the experience they want to have. The result is not just a restaurant you can be proud of – but one that will exceed your business objectives.

What we do

Brand positioning
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Brand refresh
Menu design
Websites and apps

Design is a major component in defining the overall experience you offer your customers.