You can’t have remarkable
service design without true customer insight

What do your customers experience while using your stores, your website or your mobile channels? What do they think? How do they feel? What should you offer across each of these channels in order to deliver a truly remarkable customer experience?

Our Research & Insight team answers these questions with the help of design research methods that represent the fabric of customer experience. Our work generates invaluable insight that allows our design teams to bring all of your service channels in line with your customers’ needs and wishes.

Our breadth of skills mean we can conduct a wide range of investigations tailored to your customers’ specific ‘pain points’. These studies focus on individual channels (a physical store, an online transactions portal, a mobile app, a call centre), as well as a holistic review of your combined offer.

We use a variety of qualitative user-research methods to define the integrated user experience that you offer your customers. These range from in-depth interviews to experience maps, customer journeys, and contextual enquiries (to name but a few). If you’re looking to understand how your customers navigate your retail experience, and how you can improve their design accordingly; if you want to identify the areas in the customer journey where you don’t perform as well as you could; if you want to offer a new and innovative digital service solution, or if you want to measure the impact of a recent design overhaul, you’ve come to the right place.

What We Do

Customer Need Analysis Experience Analysis Contextual Enquiries Participatory Design Behavioural Observation Customer Journey Analysis Experience Mapping Service Design Strategy Service Design Audit Design Project ROI

Design research
is so much
more than
market research
Experiencing at first hand the problems that your customers encounter will teach you more than all the research reports you’ve ever read
Robust measurement and evaluation techniques are
the only way to gauge ROI