I-AM design and deliver 360°
brand experiences that delight customers, build brand advocacy and drive business performance

I-AM: The Brand Experience People

We help you stand out from your competitors by connecting with your customers not only rationally – but emotionally. We work with you to define the experience you offer your customers when they come into contact with your brand. In a multi-channel world, with so many ways customers can engage with your company, we are unusually placed to be able to support your brand at every touch-point – whether physical, digital or the most seamless integration of the two.

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A 360° Approach

Customer experience is a journey, with every step being of equal importance. It’s all too easy to focus on creating one or two magical moments for your customers while overlooking the totality of your offer. In reality, the experience you offer your customers is only as strong as its weakest component… At I-AM, we take a 360° approach to designing the best possible customer journey. To achieve this, we are a team of researchers and brand strategists, interior designers, architects, retail and UX consultants, graphic designers, web and app developers, product designers and marketing strategists. We have studios in London, Istanbul and Mumbai. We work globally.