From independent research
on 200 luxury goods businesses, Thomas Lyte last year recorded
a 17% above average gross profit
to the industry.
Kevin Baker Founder, Thomas lyte

Thomas Lyte is a premium accessories brand that embodies ‘English contemporary luxury’. I-AM were enlisted to create a retail experience to epitomise and reflect the quality of the brand.

I-AM set about expressing the concept of craftsmanship and luxury that lies at the heart of the brand’s values. This was achieved through every detail of the store’s furniture and
interior decoration including silver salvers as part of the
window presentation.

The Flagship store in the heart of Mayfair represents the tangible face of the Thomas Lyte personality, creating a suitable foil worthy of its crafted luxury products. The store represents a key stepping stone in the luxury retail brand’s strategy and from current results, is well placed for the future.

What we did

Brand Application
Customer Experience Design
Retail Strategy
Interior Design