Retail Trend Series – Public Benefit 13th August 2019

In the third part of our Retail Trend Series we talk about ‘Public Benefit’ in retail. Brands, companies and governments are banding together to create products and platforms that benefit the public. By converging both commerce and civic duty, doing good for both business and for people needn’t be mutually exclusive.


Adidas & BVG, Berlin, Jan 2018

Berlin transit authority (BVG) released a limited edition pair of sneakers in collaboration with Adidas in the trainline’s iconic upholstery pattern. Consumers who have purchased (and wear) the sneakers whilst riding any of Berlin’s transit network in zones A and B, can ride free for the rest of 2018 because the tongue of the sneaker features a sewn in fabric version of the BVG annual season ticket. The sneakers cost 180 euros whereas an annual season ticket costs 728 euros.



As interest in reading wanes, so do independent bookstores. In a bid for cultural preservation, the Italian government have issued tax breaks and other financial incentives to keep its independent book stores alive in an Amazon era. These include reducing council, property and waste taxes. The government is allocating €5 million towards the scheme from 2019 creating €20k worth of tax credits for each store.


Pawnguru, Detroit

Pawn shops are a necessary part of making ends meet for many people across the world, especially in the US where some 30million people suffer from food insecurity. PawnGuru is a pawn shop with a difference that is not only designed for people to shop around for the best rates, but last year partnered up with FoodFinder to direct customers to foodbanks if they needed food more than money. Founder Jordan Birnholtz did this after seeing a spike during the holiday season from people worried about feeding their families.

69% of store card holders believe they are valuable and encourage them to shop at the same store.

Whether on an individual, family or societal level, leverage resources by connecting with programs that offer initiatives that help society and keeps the continuum of public life moving.