1996 was a good year. Not so much for wine or weather but more for the germination of I-AM. Two of the partners had been networking on a supply and demand basis, one had clients that needed good retail solutions and the other could help deliver them. Within 6 months the unofficial arrangement became official and in May 1997 the first apparition of the agency came in the shape of First Partnership.

Springing fast from our roots in retail design, the logical next step dictated by our clients saw the establishment of ‘brand design’ and ‘brand strategy’ teams. Those teams needed space. And so the Old Schoolhouse, an 1865 Grade II listed building, became our current home in East London, a creative space that has become part of our brand personality.

By March 2006 the consultancy had outgrown its original service structure. The creation of a new brand, name and identity, I-AM associates, gave the opportunity to launch our 360-degree brand creation services to match client demand.

In 2008, the opportunity to establish the I-AM brand in a vibrant emerging market saw the launch of I-AM Istanbul with two young Turkish architects with whom we worked on the now-famous Garanti bank. I-AM Istanbul has been a meteoric success and now offers all of the London disciplines, and more.

The development of a new concept, I-AM Beyond, in 2010 offered new thinking on how to create and maintain brand awareness for clients. This put the icing on the cake of our 360-degree service approach and has created a completely new revenue stream for our clients and us.

Our Mumbai office opened in 2011. We see this part of the world as a wide horizon of opportunity to help indigenous brands play on the international stage. I-AM Mumbai is a challenging opportunity on a mega scale. With each step our ability to offer new ways to create brand awareness and rewarding customer experiences just gets better, it’s the sum of our 100 plus international team and, of course, our London Schoolhouse.