We’re extremely proud to be able to share news about the moonlighting work of Tim Jeffrey – one of the founding partners of I-AM. Tim has finally realised his ambition to bring to commercial reality a life- and water-saving idea to help disaster victims and refugees.

By designing and patenting a small showerhead that pushes into any commercial narrow-neck drinking bottle in the world, Tim hopes to help ease the desperate plight of those suffering from a lack of clean water to wash with when supply is rationed.

The company is called ‘BOTTLESHOWER and produces two calibrations of showerhead that multiplies BY TEN the usable flow-time of a 1ltr bottle of water. Water that typically pours for 12 seconds can now last for one minute and twenty seconds. The difference can be life saving.

The clever design pumps the water out down to the last drop, so that there is no need to squeeze the bottle at all. The wash-kit consisting of both showerheads and a hanging harness that takes 1.5/2ltr bottles for hands-free showering has caught the attention of emergency and rescue teams because the ‘BOTTLESHOWER’ is also good for wound-flooding, general cleaning and the treatment of Heatstroke.

Tim says: “The key to ‘BOTTLESHOWER’ is that it makes water more usable with less waste. Clean water is so precious that most people really cannot comprehend daily life without it. We need to be educating people to use it wisely. Every time I meet someone and explain the product they come up with a new use for it, which is great as all future online and retail sales will help reduce the cost to aid agencies where it really needs to be making a difference”. For more info, visit 

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